Course 1: Understand the Qur’an & Salah – the Easy Way is the first course to help you build a strong foundation in Qur’anic Arabic.  


After completion of Course-1, you will

  • Your Salah will be different! InshaAllah, you will have much more focus and concentration in it.
  • You will learn 232 Qur’anic words which occur 41,000 times, i.e.,  more than 50% of total words in the Qur’an;  
  • You will learn basic pronouns, prepositions, and 3-letter sound verbs; 

You will be amazed to learn that 6 out of 9 words in each line of Surah Baqarah are from Course-1. 

Unique features: 

  • Complete Salah with meanings is covered. 
  • A brief explanation of the verses, & interaction with the Qur’an with the help of Dua, Evaluation, Plan, and Propagate formula. 
  • The selection of the Qur’anic Words is made based on its high frequency of occurrence in the Qur’an. More attention is on “Tasreef” (word construction from a root). 
  • State of the art language learning methods used in this course makes the learning easy and efficient. A simple yet powerful technique of TPI (Total Physical Interaction) makes learning Arabic Grammar engaging. 
Understand Quran Course-1 Bookmark, pocketbook & poster (English)


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