Learn 99 Names of Allah – the easy way! Is designed and developed with following learning outcomes

Instill the Greatness of Allah(swt) in children.
Memorize 99 Names of Allah with meanings.
Realize rewards of memorizing 99 Names of Allah

Learn 99 Names of Allah – the easy way! can be used independently or along with the UQA publication 99 Names of Allah (3 volumes)

The set has 100 flash cards designed to make learning easy and quick for the children and adults alike.
Arabic Text on one side while its meaning on the other is given
How-to-use card gives a simple and result oriented instructions on usage of these flash cards for best results
Make it a Game: Parents can spend Quality Tarbiyah time with children playing the game of learning 99 names of Allah!

Flash Cards Learn 99 Names of Allah – the easy way!


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